Article in the Eventail, Belgium

Beautiful, ambitious and talented, the Russian pianist Irina Lankova seduced the Belgian public. The release of her first CD, dedicated to Rachmaninov and Liszt, now opens the door of Europe for her.

Irina Lankova has the physique of a Russian princess in exile, straight from the pages of Joseph Kessel. She has also the whims, the charm, the ambition and a touch of mysticism, a killing mix to our western eyes, which we call ‘Russian soul’.

When she sits at the piano, closes her eyes and loses herself into Rachmaninov, Chopin or Scriabin, this young woman shows her real personality, as if she had stepped into the arena to tame her instrument. Because Russian romanticism has always been passionate and conquering, mystic and violent, sensual and extreme…

Eventail / Geoffroy d'Ursel / May 2005