Irina Lankova


I felt in love with classical music when I was seven and I was lucky enough to become a professional concert pianist and to share my passion with the world.

For me, classical music is poetry without words, a joy for the mind, a shelter for the soul and a consolation for the heart. It expresses fragility, spirituality, sensuality, every kind of emotion, but mostly things that cant’ be said with words..

I see myself as a medium between the public and the composer, who himself, remains a medium between us and infinity.

Dostoyevsky's famous phrase says, 'Beauty will save the world'. I believe that our task remains to be an interpreter of this message, each of us doing his best. 


The international critics describe Irina Lankova as a pianist with 'genuinely poetic touch' and 'infinite palette of colours'.

Steinway Artist since 2008, she is invited to perform on prestigious stages all over the world as a soloist and in various chamber music repertoire.

Known for her ‘very personal and sensitive’ interpretations and recordings, but also for her innovative projects such as 'Piano Unveiled' and 'Goldberg Mirrors', Irina Lankova popularise classical music worldwide...




Events, Concerts, Projects





Concert recordings


Watch 'live' videos from Irina Lankova's important concerts at the Salle Gaveau in Paris, St-Martin in the Fields and Wigmore Hall in London, Royal Concervatoire in Brussels etc.


Musical projects

Numerous musical projets of Irina Lankova and her video capsules with a personal artistic approach.