Suggestions of programmes 2019/20

Concertos repertoire & personal projets



Programme 1: 'Vocalise'


Through a selection of works by Schubert and Rachmaninov, I explore the lyrical vocation of their compositions where melody takes the central part and inspired by human voice singing.




Klavierstuck D.946 No. 1 and/or No.2

Impromptu Op.90 No.3



Auf dem wasser zu singen


Vocalise Op.34, No.14

Preludes Op.23 No.2, No.4, No.5

Zdes Horosho Op.21, No.7

Programme 2: 'The Russian Soul'

Russian-born pianist Irina Lankova presents an anthology of pieces embodying the theme of ‘The Russian Soul’. This term, used by Dostoyevsky to describe the spirituality of the Russian people, will be explored through the finest pages of composers such as Sergei Rachmaninov, Alexander Scriabin and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
Rachmaninoff's Sonata No.2 is performed in his second version (1931), which the composer considered to be superior.


     Elégie Op.3 No.1  

     Preludes Op.23 No.7, No.6, No.5


     Vocalise Op.34 No.14           

Tchaikovsky/Pletnev extraits de ‘Casse-Noisette’                     



     Sonate No.2

     Poèmes Op.32                           


     Sonate No.2 Op.36


L'âme russe HD.jpeg



The Russian Soul


Programe 3: 'Appassionato'

This program for general public is composed of masterpieces of Beethoven and Chopin. Written by Beethoven in 1805, the 'Appassionata' is one of his greatest sonatas for piano and one of the most difficult technically. It was a product of the same intensely visionary creative period as the "Eroica" symphony, "Kreutzer" violin sonata and Fidelio opera, and did just as much to revolutionise its genre.

The two compositions by Frederic Chopin are among his most famous pieces and represent the romantic style of the composer, characterised by poetry and contrasts. 

L. van Beethoven

     Piano Sonata No.23 in F minor Op.57  'Appassionata'


     Ballade No.1 Op.23 

     Scherzo No.2 Op.31


This program can be completed by other pieces of Chopin if necessary

Programe 4: 'Goldberg Variations'

'This mythical work by Jean Sebastien Bach, a baroque master piece for keyboards is one of my favorite compositions of all times. I play it on stage since 2015 ( first time at Sagra Musicale Umbria) and I work on it almost daily without weariness, because it contains so many wonders and challenges'

Irina Lankova



'Piano Unveiled'

Narrated concerts of Irina Lankova


'Music of silence'
'Musical Impressionism'
'German Romanticism'
'The Russian soul'

'Art Nouveau'

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    S. Rachmaninov : Concertos No.2, No.3, Variations on the theme of Paganini

    F. Chopin : Concertos No.1 and No.2

    W.A. Mozart : Concertos No.21 and No.23

    L.van Beethoven : Concerto No.3 and No.5, Choral Fantasy

    C. Franck : Symphonic Variations

    J. Brahms : Concerto No.2

    E. Grieg : Concerto

    W. Lutoslawski : Paganini Variations

    F. Poulenc : Concerto

    R. Schumann : Concerto Op.54; Introduction & Allegro Appassionato Op.92

    A. Scriabin : Concerto Op.20