The most beautiful pages of classical music for piano, enriched by personal explanations of the pianist.

Passionate about her art and willing to share her knowledge, Irina Lankova launches her narrated concerts Piano Unveiled in April 2016.

What do we listen to in classical music? What is its connection with the real life of today?

What is the work of the interpreter; the styles, the forms, the elements, the know-how, small personal secrets...

How all this knowledge can enhance your listening?


Each interpreter aims to reveal the composer's musical idea. But why the interpretations are so different? Irina Lankova's interpretation of Chopin Scherzo No.2:


Irina Lankova makes the concert more alive, more accessible with all her delicacy, enthusiasm and charisma.

You can watch few exerpts on Youtube:

First season: 1.Interpretation, 2.Music of Silence, 3.Musical Impressionism, 4.German Romanticism, 5.The Russian Soul

Seconde season: 1.Music and Architecture.Art Nouveau




Why looking for magic within the silence ? Music: Adagio Bach/Marcello. To listen to the whole piece:



What is so fascinating about the French impressionists?



Franz Schubert and the beginning of the new era of feelings and individuality. 'Auf dem Wasser zu singen' Text by Friedrich Leopold de Stolberg Morgen entschwinde mit schimmerndem Flügel Wieder wie gestern und heute die Zeit, Bis ich auf höherem strahlendem Flügel Selber entschwinde der wechselnden Zeit.



Why does the music of Sergei Rachmaninov and other Russian composers have such a powerful emotional impact? To listen to the whole piece:


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