Testimonials by students

"Irina taught me to play pieces I had never imagined I could: Rachmaninov!

She taught me to understand nuances, tonality and technicalities in music I had not imagined were there, thus making my listening to and playing music so much richer. She challenged me in a way that made me work harder - despite my busy work and travel schedule - and that were very rewarding and fun.

From meeting her other students at concerts (hers or ours) I understood that she has a way to reach out to each of her students in a way that works best for that person, young or old.

I would highly recommend Irina as a teacher, for you or your children. I can assure you that it will be a most rewarding experience."

Hadewych Hazelzet

"Irina helped our children to discover classical music with professionalism and passion. Her charm and kindness, combined with discipline and will, achieved the desired success.

Our children studied this beautiful instrument with feeling and had wonderful pieces to choose from, sometimes classical, sometimes more contemporary. Each year ended with a concert in which all the students performed."

Muriel Nacar

"I have been visiting Irina for piano lessons the last 2 years. Irina has been enthusiastic and encouraging with my learning. I have progressed considerably since starting my lessons and would have no hesitation in recommending her."

Hans Krebs

"Irina Lankova was my son Nicolas' piano teacher for 7 years.

Nicolas was 6 years old when he started and, thanks to Irina's methods, he rapidly made considerable progress. Irina has great technical competence and is also a great teacher, which is essential for a child.

I can confirm, by the way, that Nicolas liked his teacher very much.

Irina really helped Nicolas to develop a taste for the piano and, at 16, he is still playing.

Isabelle Prost

"I started to play piano at the age of 6. Since then (I am 39), I've had four piano teachers, all very good, but nobody like Irina.

Lessons with Irina are technically and musically extraordinary and a real pleasure on a personal level.

Not only does Irina have an excellent piano technique - more importantly, she knows how to convey it with such ease that you learn in a natural way, effortlessly, and have the impression that playing the piano is easy (which is definitely not the case!)

From a musical point of view, she knows how to communicate the emotion in the music. With her, you learn to live the music in a different way, to realise that for each piece and for each composer there are lots of different nuances, so in learning the instrument we also learn about music and the love of music.

Lastly, lessons with Irina are true moments of relaxation. For adults as well as children, the time goes by without you realising it, and you leave wishing you could go straight on to the next lesson."

Eva Chamizo

"When I was looking for a piano teacher in Brussels, a friend who was a piano salesman had the excellent idea of recommending Irina to me, out of all the piano teachers that he knew; and it’s to Irina that I owe all my in-depth knowledge of the piano and the constantly renewed pleasure of playing this ‘symphonic’ instrument as an amateur…

Irina is a rare pearl, and it's my turn to recommend her to all individuals who are in love with the piano and looking to improve their ability!"

Lionel Tussau