Irina Lankova

Press Review

Article after Steinway tour in Switzerland

Steinway Hall Suisse Romande Lausanne - "Irina Lankova makes the piano sing"

Françoise Krier (Suisse), mai 2017

"She offers her own narrative with intimate, genuine playing and great sensitivity."

Stéphane Friédérich, chief editor Pianiste (FR), mai 2016

Article in the Causer, Paris

Irina Lankova, grace and fire.

Irina Lankova tames the most violent composers with delicate kindness. This was the case again on March 26 in Paris, in Salle Gaveau conquered by the caresses in Schubert, Scriabin’s claws and perfectly controlled rides in preludes Op.23 no. 1-7 by Rachmaninov. The public does not forget the world premiere she gave to Ostinato Study Op.66 by already very successful and yet still promising composer Nimrod Borenstein. Irina Lankova reflected on the fingertips all the fantastic poetry of Borenstein whose musicality takes origins in the universe and a marked by Serialism.

Causeur (FR), Antoine Colonne, avril 2014

Article in the Vif Express, Belgium

Philippe Cornet, Vif Express (Bel), 26 September 2014 

Interview on the Radio Classique (in French): The new star of the piano

Laure Mezan, Radio Classique (FR), 18 mars 2014

"I heard a poetic lyricism which is very rarely achieved."

Christopher Nupen, film maker, February 2014

CD Schubert Review in the Education Musicale, Paris.

A magnificent interpretation, interiorized, contrasted and poetic, of a big sincerity and without any affectation. Real Schubert… The great art, undoubtedly!

L'éducation musicale (FR), Patrice Imbaud, Novembre 2013

CD Schubert Review in the Pizzicato Magazine, Luxembourg ****

Irina Lankova, of Russian origin, from Russian school, with Russian soul, has deeply identified herself with the music of Franz Schubert. So she can present a CD which allows a new radiant conception of the work of Viennese master. The most deeply moving interpretation due to the poetic sensibility of the pianist.

Pizzicato Magazine (Lux), Guy Wagner, December 2013

CD Schubert Review in La mia Musica, Italy

Irina Lankova is the ideal interpreter of Schubert, young and romantic, full of spontaneity, she is not distracted neither by the virtuosity no by the excess of contemplation

La mia Musica (It), Ferruccio Nuzzo, Novembre 2013

Recital at the Goethe Institut, Paris.

The way she plays Schubert straightaway reminded me that of great Leonskaya that I was lucky enough to listen to. An ample, generous, powerful and lyric playing, which invites to abandon and conquers by its expressivity.

There was yesterday one of these rare moments which make the enjoyment of the concert, a sharing of almost mystic emotion between an inspired artist and a receptive public.

Jefopera (FR), October 2013

Irina Lankova's Wigmore Hall debut. Concert Review in the Musical Opinion.

The Wigmore Hall debut of Russian-born pianist Irina Lankova on 1 July was marked by a programme combining two Russian contemporaries - Rachmaninov and Scriabin - with Chopin, a juxtaposition united, historically, through the figure of John Field. Irina Lankova, a gifted artist, began with five Rachmaninov Preludes, the famous C sharp minor followed by four from Opus 23. These were judiciously chosen and extremely well played, prefacing Chopin's C minor Nocturne Opus 48 No 1 and G minor Ballade. In these works, Lankova's control of line was exceptional, at the same time as producing a fine depth of tone. Scriabin's Opus 28 Fantasia proved a good choice for this artist, who revelled in its myriad characterisation, and this notable recital ended with a totally convincing and intensely musical account of Chopin's B minor Sonata. One hopes to hear this very interesting artist again soon.

Musical Opinion (UK), Robert Matthew-Walker, September 2008

Best Piano! Article in the Classic FM.

Having recently taken up residence in Surrey, the talented Russian pianist Irina Lankova takes to the hallowed stage of London's Wigmore Hall for her debut at Britain's chamber music Mecca. Prepare to be dazzled by a great performance of music by Rachmaninov and Chopin.

Classic FM Magazine / July 2008

Album of the Week ****. Scriabin CD Review in The Independent.

This fine Russian pianist presents a sequence of pieces which illustrate Scriabin’s progress from Chopin-influenced Romanticism to full-blown mysticism, asserting that this too has been her chosen course in life. But even without that ideological underpinning, it makes an unusually effective CD: her touch is genuinely poetic, and she works on a large tonal canvas, conjuring moods and atmospheres with compelling authority.

The Independent (UK)/ Michael Church / May 2008

Scriabin CD Review in International Record Review.

Lankova’s Scriabin CD is very fine indeed. A first–rate recording does justice to the wonderful rich array of sounds that she coaxes from her instrument.

International Record Review (UK)/ Nicholas Salwey / May 2008

Scriabin CD Review in La Libre Belgique.

Since her first recording, featuring the works of Rachmaninov and Liszt, the young Russian pianist continues her way, recluse, demanding, penetrating more in the heart of the musical matter and its secrets as her mastery blooms.

Her latest CD - an independent recording - proposes a significant choice of works of Scriabin (1872-1915), starting with the romantic language of the sonata n°2 (1896) to lead to the satanic Poem, the sonata n°9 (1913). It is a progression in a particular world, where Lankova, in perceptible harmony with the composer, joins the sonorous and the mystic, the form and the spirit.

The play is clear, the lead is natural, the colors are infinite.

La Libre Belgique /Martine D. Mergeay / March 2007 

Scriabin CD Review in Kwadratuur.

Irina Lankova has a striking, powerful sound that she combines with harmonious transparency.

She is absolutely impressive in the virtuosic movements. With her beading and clear technique the pianist drags the auditor into the enthusiastic parts of the music, whereas each note gets the breath which it needs.

Also in the Scriabin's complex counterpoint Lankova appears particularly inventive and intelligent: each theme, each melody has a rich tone and distinctive colour which creates the necessary space between them.

A beautiful CD with a vast dynamic palette!

Kwadratuur / Tristan Faes / January 2007 

Scriabin CD Review in Klassiekcentraal.

Irina Lankova made a good choice from the repertoire of Scriabin to compose a CD which shows all its diversity. Despite the complexity of this music, her playing is captivating enough to hold the attention of listener through the entire recording.

Lankova fully exploits the Steinway's capabilities; her playing combines almost masculin power with exquisite feminine refinement. This is what makes this pianist so special!

Klassiekcentraal /Ludwig Van Mechelen /  November 2006

Concert Review in La Libre Belgique.

Irina Lankova performed an accomplished recital where the music had an exceptional intensity. The pianist created a distinct and delicate ambience in her own way by giving to the music an improvised character, driven by a pure inner desire, unpredictable, new and all the more captivating.

A real talent, supported by a fierce determination.

La Libre Belgique / December 2005

Rachmaninov CD Review in La Libre Belgique ***

Born in Russia in 1977, Irina Lankova brilliantly graduated in Moscow before coming to perfect her skills in Brussels with Professor Eugene Moguilevsky, and taking master classes with Vitaly Margulis. Blessed with a sensitive and affirmed personality, the young pianist has performed several times in Brussels, and has now recorded her first CD, revealing great qualities, with a good taste in the choice of repertoire and a complete involvement. The eloquent, colourful and dynamic sound of the piano enables the listener to sense in an exceptional way the personal feelings of the interpreter, particularly in the Rachmaninov, where the music is passionate, extremely Russian, but never sugary.

A beautiful temperament!

La Libre Belgique / Martine D. Mergeay / March 2005

Portrait/Interview in La Libre Belgique.

Brussels has become a second home for this young Russian pianist. Here, she quietly develops her dream… With some recitals, very personal, a recent release of a disc, a diligent presence at the concerts – generally with other friends musicians, Russians in particular -, the young Irina Lankova made herself well noticed in the Brussels musical circle.

By nature, the young pianist seems discrete, ‘timid’ one might even think, unless her smile didn’t regularly reveal her reserve; with her interlocutors – or her public, to whom she likes talking to during her recitals – she gets directly to the point, without raising her voice, with the ability to synthesize and a poetic radicalism that surprises. Her French is perfect.

to continue(in French):

La Libre Belgique / Martine D. Mergeay / Interview / April  2005

Article in the Eventail.

Beautiful, ambitious and talented, the Russian pianist Irina Lankova seduced the Belgian public. The release of her first CD, dedicated to Rachmaninov and Liszt, now opens the door of Europe for her.

Irina Lankova has the physique of a Russian princess in exile, straight from the pages of Joseph Kessel. She has also the whims, the charm, the ambition and a touch of mysticism, a killing mix to our western eyes, which we call ‘Russian soul’.

When she sits at the piano, closes her eyes and loses herself into Rachmaninov, Chopin or Scriabin, this young woman shows her real personality, as if she had stepped into the arena to tame her instrument.
Because Russian romanticism has always been passionate and conquering, mystic and violent, sensual and extreme…

Eventail / Geoffroy d'Ursel / May 2005

Rachmaninov CD Review by Bruxelles sur la Terre.

A CD that will not leave anyone untouched! After listening to a few bars of a Rachmaninov prelude, you will understand the deeply romantic temperament of this young pianist. Passion, dreams, nostalgia and exaltation! A universe of emotions is revealed through the fingers of Irina Lankova...

Bruxelles sur la Terre / Luc Baiwir /  December 2004