Irina Lankova

Poetry without words

For me classical music is the finest art being created within the mystery of time; the duration of music is fleeting, but its existence is eternal, like the eternity of a moment and the instance of a lifetime.

Because it's a joy for the mind, a shelter for the soul and a consolation for the heart.

It's about pure beauty. It's about spirituality. It's about sensuality. It's about every kind of emotion. It's about humour. It's about fantasy. It's about dreams.

I see myself as a medium between the public and the composer, who himself, remains a medium between us and infinity.

Classical music today

Dostoyevsky's famous phrase says, "Beauty will save the world". I believe that our task remains to be an interpreter of this message, each of us doing his best.

I believe that everyone can make a little change to make the world a better place, either itís by bringing some beauty, or by raising money to help children in need. Or both, if possible. Humanitarian actions are in the heart of my artistic life.

Perpetuating great classical music and connecting it to the real life of today. This is my creed as an artist.

Irina Lankova

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